Resilient Resonance: Loopole deliver post-punk single ‘Candles’

Balancing pummelling musicality with body-lifting urgency, Loopole’s new single ‘Candles’ is a welcome shot of post-punk.

After withstanding the national onslaughts of 2020 and 2021, summoned by wild weather and a global pandemic (among many other things), emerging rock five-piece Loopole drop their new single, ‘Candles.’

Since cementing their style as a five-piece after adding new guitarist Finn late last year, members Nick, Seb, Khyl and (other) Finn have really come into their own, proven by their new single and recent gig gathering.


As the band state, “our individual music tastes have diversified a lot [since 2020], and it feels like we aren’t trying so much [in shooting] for a specific sound or genre”. With Loopole’s freeing experimental ethos in mind, ‘Candles’ has now emerged as a hard-hitting dose of heavy post-punk. 

“[‘Candles’] lyrics express the feeling of being a slave to [another’s] expectations, and in turn not being seen as you really are”, Loopole explain. The delivery of this frustration-bound idea is helped by the resentment evident in Nick’s energetic lead vocals. To an unseen recipient, he questions, “can’t you see me, you’re right in front of me”.

With the urgency and emotion of a world-weathered man who has reached his limits with someone or something, his honest lyrics provide an unflinching focal point for the song, while the spirits of the remaining quartet soar passionately through two guitars, bass and drums. 


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In a fine display of evolving texture, tonal subtlety and musical grit, Loopole begin their song with an off-kilter bass riff, which provides the foundation for loud drums, dark and dirty guitar riffs, and some psychedelic echoes which lightly season the track from its halfway point.

As in the unpredictable swells of a relationship’s dynamics, there are peaks of heaviness which blast through the track, while its excitement begs for repeat listens. 

After supporting the likes of Polish Club, Rum Jungle and The Empty Threats, Loopole are ready to take the vitality of their original rock to Victoria’s Falls Creek in late September.

‘Candles’ should definitely be a staple on their future set lists this year, made even more memorable by the interplay of its savage guitar work and fast-driving drumming. 

Stay tuned for more releases from Loopole later this year.