Artist on Artist: Milky Chance and The Beaches

Milky Chance and The Beaches swing by Happy for an Artist on Artist interview, fresh off the release of their collaborative single ‘Living In A Haze. 

Last month, Milky Chance tapped The Beaches for a collaborative remix of ‘Living In A Haze, the title track which first appeared on the former’s 2023 album.

Bringing a refreshing feminine energy to the original, The Beaches add their infectious flair to the already-stellar single, which brims with summery energy and shimmering guitars. 

Artist on Artist Milky Chance The Beaches
Credit: Becca Hamel

In celebration of the single, The Beaches and Milky Chance stopped by Happy for an insightful chat about touring, pinch yourself moments and warming up audiences with “a big group hug.”

Catch the full Artist on Artist interview below, and scroll down to listen to Milky Chance and The Beaches’ collaborative single ‘Living In A Haze’

THE BEACHES: Our shows are pretty energetic as are yours, what is your secret to warming up for your gigs or warming down after?

MILKY CHANCE: Put on some good music and dance to it and get yourself in a good mood, have a shot of whiskey and a big group hug.

THE BEACHES: Being an all female band, sometimes it’s good to have some male energy around, do you miss some female vibes on your tour? 

MILKY CHANCE: Yes, of course. It’s a lot of men on tour and also in the live music business in general men are still very dominant and it would be very desirable if it would be more mixed.

THE BEACHES: Do you have a favourite radio station or online blog around the world that do cool performance sessions that we should do?

Artist on Artist Milky Chance The Beaches

MILKY CHANCE: Classics like NPR tiny desk, KEXP, SiriusXM, triple j Like A Version,

THE BEACHES: We’ve been to Berlin but we’re sure you’d have some good tips for some fun?

MILKY CHANCE: Of course! Food, Clubs, Bars, it’s a long list! Hit us up ;) 

THE BEACHES: Was it strange to hear our version of Living In A Haze at first with the change of lyrics?

MILKY CHANCE: Not strange at all! We were surprised but in the best way. It was great! It felt so natural and made so much sense.

THE BEACHES: Do you remember the first time you ever heard one of your songs on radio and how you felt or do you still feel the same now?

MILKY CHANCE: Yes. It’s like one of these I have to pinch myself moments, is that really happening right now? Oh crazyyyy! That’s how it felt like 

THE BEACHES: We’re heading down under to tour in Australia soon, do you have any hot tips? Favourite bars/restaurants etc?

MILKY CHANCE: We didn’t do too much in the cities, more like outdoor trips. Australia‘s nature is so stunning! Hiking in the Blue Mountains, road tripping around the Gold Coast, go see Noosa National Park.

THE BEACHES: Favourite The Beaches song?

MILKY CHANCE: ‘Blame Brett’ !!!!!