Growing Pains: A cinematic ballads playlist by Lord & Land

Growing Pains: A cinematic ballads playlist by Lord & Land

Cinematic ballads have a unique ability to transport us to different worlds, evoke deep emotions, and inspire us to reflect on the human experience. 

Often playing a critical role in films, cinematic ballads provide a backdrop for pivotal moments that stay with us long after the credits roll. But their impact extends far beyond the silver screen. Cinematic ballads have become an essential part of our everyday lives, providing a soundtrack to our own personal journeys of love, loss, and self-discovery.

In celebration of the new release ‘Growing Pains‘, LORD & LAND have captured the essence of a cinematic ballad, crafting a collection of songs that resonate deeply with listeners and capture the beauty and pain of the human experience. In this playlist, they have compiled some of their favourite ballads that have inspired their own music, and we invite you to join us on a journey through the power of music and emotion.

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The playlist opens with the anthemic gospel piece ‘Endless Years’ by Will Reagan, which is followed by LORD & LAND’s emotional debut release ‘On the Hill’.

The playlist also includes iconic tracks such as Ed Sheeran’s ‘I See Fire’ and Enya’s ‘May It Be’, which capture the epic and otherworldly themes of films such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Hans Zimmer’s ‘Now We Are Free’ from Gladiator and Bon Iver’s ‘Holocene’ are also included, showcasing the power and beauty of cinematic ballads.

Finally, the playlist concludes with ‘Words Remain (Live in NYC)’ by Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music, a stunningly beautiful and deeply emotive performance.

Listen to the entire playlist of cinematic ballads, including the fantastic new release “Growing Pains” from LORD & LAND, and immerse yourself in the track breakdown below.

Will Reagan, United Pursuit – Endless Years 

This anthemic gospel piece Endless Years is an introspective work from Will Reagan with the support of the backing ensemble United Pursuit. The folk-driven foundation for the worship song is enhanced by a detailed tapestry of strings and harmonies, which together make for a rich soundscape for the theatrical opener to the ballads playlist from LORD & LAND.

On the Hill – LORD & LAND 

The emotional debut release from duo LORD & LAND ‘On the Hill’ perfectly follows on from the drive set up by the Tennessee group United Pursuit; the opening strings insinuating the expansive textures that the track eventually blooms into. The subtle drive from the bass, sets up an inspirational narrative which is confirmed by the decorative and explorative approach from the drums. 

I See Fire – Ed Sheeran

Having set himself up as the mega pop star with a flare for introspective writing, I See Fire was a great reminder of Ed Sheeran’s early folk roots and influences. The minimalist fingerstyle from the guitar shines through on a track with a very restrained production approach, which became an iconic juxtaposition from the drama of the closing scenes from The Hobbit. I See Fire displayed the power of allowing a scene to settle, and as the track grows and escalates, Sheeran proved that a cinematic response can be achieved with a great deal of patience.  

Ocean – Fallbrigade 

LORD & LAND’s Caleb, a master of emotive storytelling through music, has joined forces with his sister Esther Jungclaus for their latest release ‘Ocean’. The siblings have poured their hearts and souls into this poignant and contemplative track, which features a sparse reverb that stretches to the edges of your mind, enveloping you in a sea of introspection. The glittery piano melody dances alongside Caleb’s haunting vocals, creating a sense of timelessness that feels as though it could go on forever. ‘Ocean’ is a masterful example of LORD & LAND’s ability to craft theatrical works that touch the very core of the human experience, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who listen.

May It Be – Enya 

Continuing on in the  Lord of the Rings world, the midway point of the playlist is a track featured in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” from ethereal writer Enya. Enya is known for her otherworldly music, which often feels like a journey through mystical landscapes. Her writing is deeply inspired by nature, spirituality, and mythology, and her songs often feature lush soundscapes, haunting vocal harmonies, and intricate instrumentation. Enya’s work is tied closely to cinema and film, as her music has been used in numerous films and television shows to enhance emotional moments and create a sense of wonder and awe, her song “May It Be” becoming an iconic element to the LoTR series due to it’s ability to perfectly captured the film’s epic and otherworldly themes. 

Now We Are Free – Hans Zimmer 

Hans Zimmer is a renowned composer and musician who has made an immense contribution to the world of cinematic ballads. His unique ability to create emotive and powerful music has earned him numerous accolades and awards. One of his most notable contributions is the song “Now We Are Free” from the film “Gladiator”. The song features haunting vocals and an orchestral arrangement that perfectly captures the epic and emotional themes of the film. Zimmer’s ability to create a sense of drama and intensity through his music has made him one of the most sought-after composers in Hollywood, and his work has become synonymous with the power and beauty of soundtracks.

Bluebird – Luca Fogale

“Bluebird” by Luca Fogale is a stunningly beautiful and deeply emotive song. It features Fogale’s haunting vocals, accompanied by a sparse and delicate arrangement of piano and strings. The lyrics speak of longing and hope, and the search for inner peace amidst the chaos and uncertainty of life. The song has a timeless quality that feels both intimate and universal, and Fogale’s raw and honest delivery adds to the song’s emotional impact. “Bluebird” is a testament to the power of music to touch the heart and soul, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who listen.

Holocene – Bon Iver 

Bon Iver’s “Holocene” is a dynamic masterpiece that transports the listener to a vast and hauntingly beautiful landscape. The song’s sweeping melodies and lush instrumentation create a sense of grandeur and scale, while Justin Vernon’s distinctive falsetto vocals convey a deep emotional resonance. The lyrics, which speak of nature, memory, and the passage of time, are infused with a sense of mystery and wonder that adds to the song’s cinematic quality. Bon Iver’s ability to create a vivid and immersive sonic experience through his music has made him one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists of our time, and “Holocene” is a prime example of his unique talent for crafting emotionally resonant music.

Words Remain (Live in NYC) – Josh Garrels, Mason Jar Music

Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music’s collaboration for “Words Remain” (Live at NYC) is a stunningly beautiful and deeply emotive performance. The song features Garrels’ soulful vocals, accompanied by a sparse and haunting arrangement of acoustic instruments, including guitar, banjo, and cello. The live recording captures the raw energy and intimacy of the performance, and the subtle nuances and inflections in Garrels’ voice add to the song’s emotional impact. “Words Remain” is a testament to the power of live music to create a sense of connection and community, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who listen. The collaboration between Garrels and Mason Jar Music perfectly captures the essence of their shared passion for creating music that is both honest and heartfelt, and it is a shining example of the power of collaboration in music.

Cherry Wine (Live) – Hozier 

“Cherry Wine” by Hozier is a powerful and deeply moving song that showcases the artist’s raw talent as both a singer and songwriter. The live version of the song, recorded at Kink FM in the Netherlands, features Hozier’s soulful vocals accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar. The stripped-down arrangement allows the lyrics to take center stage, and Hozier’s emotive delivery captures the pain and heartbreak of a tumultuous relationship. The song’s haunting melody and poignant lyrics have resonated with listeners around the world, and its live performance showcases Hozier’s ability to connect with his audience on a deep and emotional level.