Lose yourself in the gorgeous, gloomy pop of Douzey

Lose yourself in the gorgeous, gloomy pop of Douzey’s debut single Ophelia

A brand new face on the scene, Douzey (rhyme it with cruise-y) has just dropped her debut single Ophelia. And it’s a stunner.

It’s the tale of Shakespeare’s Ophelia (Hamlet) reimagined in by a modern songwriter and feminist. Appropriately the tune is dramatic, thrilling, and a powerful statement of intent for the new artist.

douzey ophelia

Fall into Ophelia, the brilliantly dynamic first single from Melbourne singer/songwriter Douzey. Expect more from this fresh face very soon.

The brainchild of Chloe Violet, Douzey has been stewing for around a year, finally ready to break into the world. Speaking of her first track, Violet shared the following:

“It’s a song about finding confidence in yourself despite the anxiety of what others may think or say, especially the negative or weak connotations of the feminine which is something that Ophelia experiences in the story of Hamlet.”

Formerly a cheerleader and having gigged around Melbourne for years, Violet is hardly a stranger to stage and performance. Her cheerleading career even took her to a national level, but was hampered by a serious fall in 2014. Chronic pain became an ongoing struggle, her art becoming a welcome and necessary distraction.

“I have good days and bad days, I haven’t let it stop me though. I got back into cheer despite constant pain and music has really helped. Working in the studio for hours, recording, rehearsing or creating something I was passionate about pulls my focus and distracts me.”

A fighter, a romantic, and a driven creator, there’s no stopping Douzey.

Ophelia is dark and theatrical, a transparent representation of Douzey’s artistic intent. It’s been a long and twisted journey so far, and to be perfectly honest, we can’t wait to see where she takes us next.


Ophelia is out now.