Macaulay Culkin’s Home Alone character has grown up, and he’s not doing so well

Macaulay Culkin, the beloved former child actor who starred in classics like Home Alone, My Girl and, uh, that Michael Jackson video. Given that it’s Christmas a viewing of Home Alone should be on the cards for everyone, but how you feel about everyone’s favourite prankster Kevin McCallister may change after watching this video.

Macauly Culkin DRYVRS

Culkin has reprises his role as Kevin, now as an adult in the new web comedy series :DRYVRS, and weird doesn’t even begin to describe it.

:DRYVRS was created by musician and actor Jack Dishel, the series following his character as he meets different people using the fictional lift sharing app :DRYVRS. Starring in the first episode, Culkin slyly plays the adult version of Kevin, a slightly unhinged man who claims he doesn’t even know how to drive. There’s even a reference to My Girl in there when adult Kevin mention his wife.

Turns out his experiences on that fateful Christmas Eve thwarting the Wet Bandits has left Kevin feeling a little on edge, something that manifests itself even more when a run in with a car thief very quickly becomes a Mr Blonde moment. He’s more filthy animal than man at this point.

Side note, when the inevitable Home Alone remake happens does anyone else think Culkin still looks young enough to play the same character?

:DRYVERS will be streaming new episodes in the new year on Dishel’s YouTube channel, with Rosanna Arquette and Steven Weber billed as special guest stars. The series has recieved Culkin’s personal reccomendation, with him saying “I don’t Internets, but if I did I would strongly consider watching :DRYVRS.”

This story was first seen on Nerdist.