The words that didn’t win Macquarie Dictionary’s word of the year

‘Strollout’ has beaten a list of finalists to become Macquarie Dictionary’s word of the year. Here’s a list of all the other finalists and what we think they mean.

It’s that time of year again, where the big dictionaries find some made-up words from the last 12 months and add one of them to the dictionary. Last year’s word was pretty obviously ‘pandemic’ and in 2019, the annual competition saw ‘cancel culture’ take the cake.

‘Strollout’ was voted as the winner by a public vote from a list of finalists. Here are the other words that didn’t make the cut.

Photo: Via Youtube

Brain Tickler

That all-too-familiar feeling of a COVID test swab being shoved wayyyyy too far up your schnoz.


Marketing tactics used by real-life physical stores to get customers to shop in person, rather than online.


The variant of Covid-19 that managed to sneak into our lives after we all thought life would get back to normal. Not to be confused with the judge on reality show The Voice who sneaks onto every Channel 9 reality show, just as you thought she ran out of programs to guest appear on.

Dignity Suit

Clothes that are difficult to undress out of, often in the form of a jumpsuit. Dignity suits are often designed for sufferers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dry Scooping

Ingesting a phat hit of protein powder or pre-workout without mixing it with any form of liquid.

Dump Cake

The atrocity that involves combining cake ingredients directly in the baking tin, to avoid washing dishes.


The new trend in workplace culture is basically just the opposite of backstabbing. Instead of talking shit behind someone’s back, a front-stabber would voice their concerns to their face.


Following a social media account solely to disagree with their content e.g. Kochie.


Companies making false claims that their businesses are run ethically when in reality, they take water supplies from disadvantaged communities and lie about their environmental impact.

Last Chance Tourism

Travelling somewhere to visit a landmark or species before it disappears. Like all the boomers that travelled to Uluru so they could climb it before it was banned.


Selling something you can literally screenshot for millions of dollars.


Celebrating the laid-back discussion of mental health, menty-b is slang for all of the mental breakdowns we’ve pushed through over the last couple of years.

Porch Pirate

That seedy neighbour who works from their front porch, ready to steal whatever package is delivered to your door. They don’t care if it’s a coffee machine or a custom fitting dress – they’ll take it.

Range Anxiety

The fear that comes as an added extra when you buy an electric car. You’ve got plenty of charge, but maybe this will be the time you run out of battery before you reach your destination.

Shadow Pandemic

The harsh side-effects of the pandemic, including increases in mental health issues and domestic violence.

Sober Curious

That thought that crosses your mind as you pass the Edenvale Shiraz in the supermarket. What if this is just as good as the boozy stuff – but without the need for KFC and Panadol the next day?


Scomo outdoing his trip to Hawaii with one of the slowest vaccine rollouts in the world.

Third Place

The place you go when you’re not at home or work. Most likely a park within 5km of your house.


The act of shaming someone for being less woke than you, rather than initiating an open conversation.

You can check out the official definitions of the finalists here!