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‘Made in Ableton Live’: showcasing tracks being built from the ground up

The process of building compositions is endlessly fascinating; there are as many methods as there are creators. The new video series, Made in Ableton Live, goes into great depth showcasing myriad ways to go from blank canvas to fully-formed arrangement.

Ableton is no stranger to making videos that display the creative process. Their long-running One Thing series, for example, shows small snippets of unique workflows. Made in Ableton Live goes much deeper, delving into the nitty-gritty from idea creation, effects treatments, mixing and final arrangements.Made in Ableton Live

Looking for inspiration to create electronic music? The Made in Ableton Live video series goes deep into the process, following productions from beginning to end.

The series features nine producers: Bad Snacks, Eomac, Rachel K Collier, Abayomi, Keychee, Novaa, Underbelly, Anna Disclaim and Freddie Joachim. Collectively, they highlight the key strength of the DAW: an unrivalled set of creative tools to bring the seeds of ideas to life.

Take Bad Snacks, for example. The L.A. based producer and multi-instrumentalist begins with a bed of violins, then slices the audio into a MIDI track, creating an entirely new palette of sonic options to work with. She eventually develops new melodies from the source material and augments the arrangments with drums, bass and more.

This is just one example of the nine, so there is ample material for inspiration. Visit the Ableton blog to watch the whole series.