Majelen holds space for growth on her new stunning single ‘Waiting’

On her latest single, Majelen sings of patience, empathy, and compassion – traits that the world definitely lacks.

Majelen’s blues and jazz-inspired melodies lend themselves to a higher vibrational purpose, one that nourishes and holds the listener while expressing deeply felt nuances. It’s exactly what has captivated her fans since her 2018 debut.

Now, the songwriter has unleashed another sparkling ode to the masses, Waiting.


Rich in its intimacy and detailed in its execution, Waiting sees the singer elevate her talents to new heights. Where her contemporaries would search for uneventual answers, Majelen holds space for growth and reflection.

Glaze this with her impeccable technical fluency and aerobic guitar style, and you have an utterly formidable release.


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“Written about my (now fiancé) Courtney in the first couple of weeks we met – she wouldn’t kiss me and I told her that’s totally cool and I don’t mind waiting… and then also wrote a song about it. Obviously, I won that one cause she asked me to marry her in December last year!” the singer explains. “It’s heavily based on a percussive guitar playing style that I developed to eliminate the need for a stompbox, I just do everything all at once on the guitar.”

Dive into the Gold Coast native’s silky new release below: