Tom Fublé cracks open his imagination in new electric single ‘Photographs’

Sydney producer and songwriter Tom Fublé, opens his album on new single Photographs, reminiscing bittersweet memories of a past relationship.

Opening up about the struggles of everyday life, Tom Fublé electrifies his emotions with new single Photographs

The lo-fi textures illuminate the hardships of a happy memory, more than often becoming the most painful one. It is here where Fublé, at his core, unleashes his producing and songwriting talents.

Tom Fuble

The Sydney-based artist realised his gift for music at a young age, discovery at seven years old he had a knack for songwriting. After learning to play piano and guitar, Fublé became simply unstoppable.

Photographs is just a snapshot of Fublé’s wide and deeply moving calibre. The producer experiments with the soundscapes of EDM, making it impossible not to get lost in the artist’s kaleidoscopic imagination.

The electronic textures of Photographs simply illuminate an album of memories, telling the story of a couple falling in love on their travels to South East Asia.

As the chorus picks up, the texture quickens in its tempo, a firework display of electric explosions, as he sings ‘I never knew how to say goodbye.” 


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In a whirlwind of emotions as vivacious as the chorus itself, the artist’s emotions echo in the lyric “now I’m staring at these photographs”, serving as a “bittersweet reminder that there are no regrets and only good memories” he recalls.

What sets Fublé apart as a producer and artist is his willingness to reflect personal emotional experiences in his work. In a genre that is best served for the dance floor, it is not often that a songwriter such as Fublé steps into the limelight and saturates a song in memories that are meant to be felt so deeply.


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Taking musical influence from lo-fi, Pop and chilled EDM genres, Fublé is producing work that magnifies emotion in music – creating a platform to tackle complex issues and struggles that are widely faced.

We can only hope that Fublé continues to master his craft and delivers music we can reminisce and melt into.

Listen to Tom Fublé’s new single Photographs below: