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Make Noise teams up with Alessandro Cortini for the Strega synth

Strega is an intoxicating new synth. The fruit of a collaboration between Make Noise and Alessandro Cortini, it exudes experimental sound.

Make Noise has unleashed the Strega analog synth, getting its name from the Italian word for ‘witch’. Like all of the company’s synths and modules, it wears its experimental heart on its sleeve.

Adding to the provenance of this particular unit, Make Noise teamed up with Alessandro Cortini, who is best-known as a multi-instrumentalist in Nine Inch Nails, as well as being a notable film composer and a musician who has a deeper connection to the synthesis than most.

Make Noise Strega modules

Inspired by the music of Cortini, there’s an emphasis on what Make Noise describes as “the alchemy of sound.” Made for the open-ended modular world, this monosynth is compatible with Eurorack signals, with 7 sources and 13 destinations for patching to other modules.

There’s an external audio input for combining the sound of the Strega with other sources and shares the same small form factor as a couple of Make Noise’s other favourites, the 0-Coast and 0-CTRL.

Aesthetically, the front panel is in keeping with the chaotic environment for sound building that the Strega encourages. Then again, this is a machine for synth fans who are keen to dive down the hands-on, experimental rabbit hole.

For more details, head over to Make Noise.