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Make Noise launches the Tape and Microsound Music Machine

The Tape and Microsound Music Machine synthesizer is devoted to capturing external sounds and sculpting them into new ones.

Introduced at this year’s Superbooth, this modular system is perfect for any type of sound manipulation, destruction or resurrection. Tape and Microsound Music Machine

Tape and Microsound Music Machine is finally here after its debut at Superbooth. Step into a new world of audio manipulation with this new modular system from Make Noise.

The whole system is made from a mix of Make Noise’s best modules, coming together to form the ultimate sound manipulation machine. The Morphagene module operates as a recorder that also allows you to mulch, layer and rearranges the sound while manipulating the speed and direction of playback.

The Mimeophon repeats sounds and subjects them to further manipulation. When combined with the Quad Peak Animation System (QPAS) it offers incredible stereo sculpting of the spectrum. The Wogglebug and MATHS work to animate these effects and the XOH provides a final stereo mix and line-level or headphone outputs.

The specifications of the unit include a 104 total hp, 21.5 x 5.14 x 3.5 (inch) dimensions and weight of 3kg. Overall, the system looks to be a culmination of Make Noise’s innovative modular approach. Those looking to invest in an awesome portable modular system should add this to their shortlist.

Check out the demo video below and be sure to visit the Make Noise website.