Bill Murray applies for job at Chinese restaurant, gets hired

Bill Murray applies for job at Chinese restaurant, gets hired

It seems there are still prospects of a late career change for Hollywood’s favourite jokester Bill Murray

In a recent discussion with Amy Schumer on her podcast, Bill Murray revealed that he’d recently applied at P.F Chang’s, a Chinese food chain based in North America.

Following Schumer’s startled response to his story, Murray went on to elaborate, saying that “it looks like they are having the best time working at P.F. Chang’s.” Murray discussed his motivation for making the job application, stating that P.F Chang’s “is one of the best places”.

Soon after the story was made public, P.F Chang’s official twitter account went crazy with an immediate response to the Ghostbuster’s star saying that he’d been accepted for the job, although they hadn’t located the actual application as yet. P.F Chang justified the reasoning for their offer by stating that “we have seen his work and think he would make a promising wok chef.”

Bill Murray’s job application is just another reason to love the iconic actor, after sleeping through a press conference for an award ceremony to commemorate the actor’s lifetime contribution to film award. Ghostbusters and Lost in Translation were honoured in this year’s Rome Film Festival. Murray however didn’t quite make it out of bed to accept the award, which is not too surprising considering he probably had a job interview to rest up and prepare for.