PREMIERE: Tracey Barnett is a captivating presence on Gotta Get Out

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we first laid ears on Tracey Barnett’s latest single Gotta Get Out, and for that entire time, we’ve barely stopped listening to it. The track is a perfect showcase of Barnett’s songwriting abilities, seamessly blending country, blues, roots, and alt-rock into something truly unique.

Now, Barnett has unveiled a new music video for the same track, further building her individual universe of audio-visuals.

Shortly after the release of her new single Gotta Get Out, Western Australian singer-songwriter Tracey Barnett has delivered an incredible accompanying music video.

The new video, shot across a variety of locations, is the perfect visual accompaniment to the song’s earnest and driven lyrical content. Tracey Barnett is seen wandering through streets, seemingly aimless, until she stumbles across a large warehouse—inside of which is a different version of herself on stage. This, it seems, is the catalyst for a changing mindset.

“I wrote Gotta Get Out during a pretty debilitating decline in my mental health. I had been suffering more panic attacks than usual and I felt like the anxiety and depression was a separate entity from myself that had swooped in to take control of my mind and body. I no longer knew how I would react to any situation in life, even the minor normal day to day. So, like I often do in these situations, I used songwriting to get the intense experience out onto paper,” Barnett says of the new single.

“I find that very therapeutic, and I used the song as a promise to myself and my family that I would get through it again, and I did! Hopefully one day it will all be a nightmare of my past and no longer a part of my future. I’m doing all I can to become a stronger and more resilient person but in the meantime I’ll keep writing songs about it to cope.”

This is the latest great thing we’ve recieved from Tracey Barnett, and here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to see or hear what she delivers next.

For now, watch the new video for Gotta Get Out above.