Oakley Boyd proves his talent and creative force in new single

Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Oakley Boyd has followed up his debut album with a red hot single, Dancin!

And that’s exactly what this song will make you do. Drenching in optimism and good times, the velvety guitar lines will have you jiving down the street on a cloudless day.

Oakley Boyd

The latest single from Oakley Boyd is a jiving track drawing on influences like surf-rock, samba and general positivity.

Oakley Boyd is an Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, born in 2002. Originally from Perth, Oakley now resides in Melbourne from where he launched into the stratosphere with his debut 2019 album Happy Days. The talented 17 year old then followed up with three singles.

The funkadelic Just Wanna Go Home, the acid-drenched Somethin New (feat. Gerald Foo) and now Dancin! Boyd incorporates influences from the Summery guitar lines of Mac DeMarco to the straight up strangeness of Connan Mockasin. Drench this in the sex-funk of Brad Stank and you’re close to the beautiful creations of this brilliant young artist.

At age eleven Oakley began to develop an interest in percussion. Oakley began exploring more areas of music when he was 15, writing songs in his bedroom – mixing and recording all the instruments. This resulted in Happy Days, a collection of songs that envelop many varying themes.

Dancin! is one of Oakley’s newest works and will be on his upcoming EP next month. As the title suggest, Boyd will certainly have you dancing with a sticky chorus, sun soaked guitar lines a delectable jive the heavens will open to gift you with a little jolt of lightning.

Who doesn’t need a bolt of electricity every now an again? The rock-samba groove conjures visions of white sands and swaying hips casting an immediate spell about the listener. If Dancin! is any indication of Boyd’s upcoming EP we have very high hopes for this talented young all rounder.

Keep your eyes keen on Oakley Boyd and check out his debut album below: