The New Waywards

Not long ago, beloved Sydney venue Waywards closed its doors for a series of renovations. Supposedly, the space was to be changed forever.

Well last week, we witnessed the fruit of their labours. Waywards was reopened. The new fit-out was there for all to see, and thanks to a lineup including Sunscreen, RAAVE TAPES, and West Thebarton, there were plenty of folk to see it.

The New Waywards

Missed the grand reopening of the new Waywards? We were there on the night to capture Sydney’s revitalised new venue in all its glory.

The new Waywards is something to behold. The stage has been moved to the King St side of the building and the end of the bar has been shortened, meaning there’s now a ton of space in front of the band. Proper mosh pits, here we come.

The stage is also visible from all over the venue now – no more craning your head around that pesky corner.

The opening night was celebratory, each of the bands christening the new space with a dose of handsome rock ‘n’ roll. By the time West Thebarton bulldozed in, the floor was in total chaos.

Don’t fret if you missed it, though. With renovations complete the new Waywards is fully in session; meaning they’ve got a ripper live music schedule back on the cards.

Check out what’s going on at the new and improved Waywards here.