Waywards: Looking Back

Waywards: Looking Back

Not long ago we were there for the tearing down of Waywards, one of Sydney’s favourite small live music venues. As bands like Straight Arrows, Bland, Lorelei and more ripped down the walls themselves, there was a determinate feeling that something bigger and better would rise from the rubble.

With the venue set for a grand reopening on October 24th, we checked in once more. This time we’re looking back at the Waywards that was, and looking forward to what it will become.

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What can you expect from the new and improved Waywards? We remember the venue that was, and look forward to the venue that will be.

This time we sat down with Harold Dumke, officially the Marketing and Entertainment Coordinator at the Bank Hotel, unofficially the man who helped build Waywards into the iconic venue most of us know it to be.

He gave us the lowdown on what magical changes you can expect from Waywards upon its grand reopening.

“We’re going to move the stage to the King Street wall again, except now we’re going to reduce the size of the bar and move it to the back of the room so the entirety of the people who come to the show will be able to look at the stage straight-on.” 

We also spoke to Nick Leighton, who’s played countless Waywards shows with Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, Flight To Dubai, and Bleeding Knees Club.

“Really I expect it to be one of Sydney’s best new music venues. I can’t wait to get up there, get sweaty, play a show… it’s gonna be good.” 

“We want to think about what it’s like to build a night we’re people come, they enjoy it, then they see a band or two bands, then they stay and dance and see DJs that they like, they see people from the artist community and the music community around Sydney”, Harold added.

“It’s a place where you can both see a live gig but also just show up later and it’s a good time.” 

Waywards will officially reopen on Thursday October 24th with a massive live show featuring West Thebarton, RAAVE TAPES, and Sunscreen. If you want to be amongst the very first to see the brand new venue, don’t miss out. Plus – it’s free.

Waywards Grand Reopening

West Thebarton

Thurs 24 Oct – Free – Details