Waywards: Tear It Down

Waywards, the venue located on the top level of Newtown’s Bank Hotel, has long been a hub for emerging Sydney music. It’s a critical stop-in for any band on their way up, and for many acts, it was the very first venue they played.

Yet right now, Waywards is in ruins, ready to be reborn as a bigger, better venue than before. We were there to tear it down… with a little help from some mates.

the bank hotel waywards happy mag tear it down

Right now, Waywards is in ruins, ready to be reborn as a bigger, better venue. We were there to say goodbye to the Waywards that was… with a little help from our friends.

Enlisting the help of Owen from Straight Arrows, Atlas from Flight To Dubai, Claudia from Lorelei, Oliver from Bland, and Ruben Neeson, we tore down the walls with guitars, the very tools that had built it up over the past few years.

The musos were happy to oblige, of course. Who doesn’t love a little destruction?

While everyone was there we reminisced on past shows in the space, including Straight Arrows’ King St Crawl set which would stand as the very last performance at the ‘old’ Waywards.

So what now? Well, we wait for a new Waywards to rise out of the ashes. Expect a bigger stage, a bigger mosh, and a few surprises to boot. We’ll keep you in the know.

UPDATE: Part 2 of our journey with Waywards is now live. Check it out below.

Waywards reopens on Thursday October 24th with performances by West Thebarton, RAAVE TAPES, and Sunscreen. Grab all the info here.