R.M.F.C at Waywards: an air-tight concoction of punky goodness

R.M.F.C have been on the top of our minds, and ever since they released their Hive EPs we’ve been aching to see them in action. Their tight fuzzy riffs, punchy drums and driving lo-fi basslines are everything that you’d ever want in a punk rock band.

Guess what. They didn’t disappoint.

r.m.f.c rock music fan club buz clatworthy
Photos: Lachie Townsend

R.M.F.C, Sydney’s very own Rock Music Fan Club, took Waywards by storm on their sweaty Friday night showing.

Opening act Loose Fit were off the charts; think funky and potent bass, catchy sax, and effects-heavy guitar. As a P-Bass guy, I vibed with these notes like Pooh Bear vibes with honey. The earlier opener, Optik Nerve, had a strong presence as well, tempering the busy crowd’s mood like Gordon Ramsay tempers chocolate.

By the time Buz Clatworthy and his crew came on, I didn’t realise what time it was. All I knew was that I was caught in the intoxicatingly bustling throng of The Bank. The glue that brought us together? Those fuzzy guitars, precision rhythms, and strong movement from the crowd.

At 18 years young, the future looks bloody bright for Buz and the R.M.F.C team. If you get the chance to check this crew out in the future, don’t sleep on the opp.