PREMIERE: Lachlan X. Morris unveils surreal, occultist video for Shadow Lover

Lachlan X. Morris‘ music hovers in the purgatory somewhere between future-psych and old-school pop traditions,  drawing from a songwriting vintage that is long lost and buried. 

Hot on the heels of the release of his third album Mood Bullet, the Newcastle-based artist releases the infectious synth-infused vintage rock pearler Shadow Lover, with a weird and wonderful video to match.

Lachlan X. Morris unveils the trippy music video for his new single Shadow Lover, a surrealist occult nightmare that’s a deal with the devil gone wrong.

Lachlan X. Morris has wasted no time since starting his solo project in 2015, quickly amassing an ever-growing discography of tracks that blend psychedelia and vintage rock. He’s not showing any signs of slowing down just yet, as he releases his new single just over eight months after the release of his third album.

Morris’ sound evolves to new heights on Shadow Lover, a kaleidoscopic fusion of ’70s heat-seeking power pop and melodramatic rock n’ roll. It’s a vibrant slice of woozy psych-pop, packed with nostalgic ear-worming synths, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, and energizing punchy vocal delivery, it has a foot-stomping power-pop feel that leaves a triumphant aftertaste.

“I’m an Uber Eats Driver by day, and listen to my local ‘Oldies’ Radio Station. They play artists like ELO, Wings and The Carpenters and I’m mystified by the music. So with my latest single, I wanted to try and write a quintessential song from that velveteen hit-machine era.” 

“‘Shadow Lover’ revolves around people who are so attached to the dangerous things in their life. It’s a melodramatic vintage rock song, picture ABBA if they kicked ass a bit harder and played a double-neck Gibson SG.”

The music video shows a curious businessman who exchanges his soul for an audiovisual experiment. In a classic deal with the devil gone wrong scenario, the song possesses him, throwing him into a Clockwork Orange style episode where he’s forced to watch a washed-up deadbeat mime perform and frighten him. This surrealist occult nightmare will frighten, entertain and open up the minds of the willing participant. Check out the video above.

Lachlan will be taking his band of rock n roll mercenaries on the road for precision guitar chaos and sing-alongs to celebrate the release of Shadow Lover, check out the tour dates below.

Lachlan X. Morris NSW Tour Dates

October 10 – Sideway, Canberra
October 11 – Stag & Hunter, Newcastle
October 19 – Mayfield Bowlo, Newcastle
October 25 – Junkyard Hotel, Maitland