Power pop and big fat hooks: Size is the latest LP from SMLXL

Think ’80s nostalgia, power pop hooks, and orchestrated angular guitars, combine it with a band spread over two states, sending layers back and forth and tracking in multiple locations until they’ve made a song. Do that 11 more times, and you’ve got the latest LP from SMLXL, Size.

It’s rich, dynamic, and comes from a band emerging out of a 20 year hiatus.

SMLXL have returned with a vengeance, drawing influence from bands like XTC and Elvis Costello, hitting you with dramatic, immersive, pop ballads.

SMLXL’s Jason de Wilde brings years of studio recording experience to the three-piece, highlighting Andy Tolhurt’s brilliant, technical approach to the guitar, and Jarrod Murphy’s formidable songwriting and energised vocal delivery.

It creates a sharper, more aggressive Crowded House; layers of angular melodies melding with pinpoint hooks.

The latest album’s first single, Katie G, brings all this and more, showcasing a taste of the stomping pop we’re treated to throughout Size. 

What’s more, it comes with music video, which explores the tribulations of a mundane 9-5 dad. It’s funny, and strikes an interesting mix when contrasted with the dramatic nature of SMLXL’s pop.

SMLXL originally formed as Sydney indie pop band Pelican Jed in the 1990s, and have found acclaim as individuals since then. Most notably is Jarrod, who appeared in the triple j Hottest 100 in 2006 and 2007 with his band The Cops.

Since rebranding, they’ve made a strong return to their signature sound, and we’re loving it.