PREMIERE: Yaw. shows off his funky side with new video for Free Zone

Ghanian-Australian creative Yaw. has dropped a new single titled Free Zone, revealing his funkier side with a killer flow and infectious beats. Free Zone is the second single off a project called Prodigal Son, which preaches individual freedom and the quest to discover one’s self. Yaw. said:

“Free zone is a state of no care or worry about the reality but instead elevating off to the sky and using one’s wings”.

Yaw. is back with new single Free Zone and an uplifting video to go with it. His sound is infectious, smooth and funky as ever.

The video celebrates the art of letting go with your friends, dancing to your own beat and rolling down the car windows, because why not? All dressed in bright colours,  Yaw. and friends radiate positivity and happiness.

With a hearty baseline that continues throughout the song, Yaw.’s impeccable flow floats above the instrumentation effortlessly alongside the soulful scattered female vocals.

At just 21, his latest release follows his first single The Man, which launched him into the Australian hip-hop scene in October of last year. Yaw. has been involved in music for most of his whole life, although music is not his only creative pursuit, having explored photography and film with coherent flare and style.

He even culminated his own solo exhibition early last year titled ‘Yaw Does It All’, all created by himself. Yaw. is definitely one to watch this year.

Watch the new video above.