’80s-ish Sounds: a throwback playlist curated by Seattic

Last week we offered you the first listen of Young, the brand new single from Melbourne indie artist Seattic – real name Adrian Osman. It’s a jam soaked in good vibes from the first moment, one you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Not to mention, there’s a few cheeky ’80s sounds packed in. To celebrate the new track and all its goodness, we asked Osman to put together a playlist.


Everybody needs some more 1980s in their lives. We asked Melbourne musician Seattic to curate his own set of highlights from the decade that did it big – check it out.


Listen to Seattic’s new single Young below. It’s a cut from his debut album Retrospeculation, which is set to drop later this year – stay tuned.