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Winter Moon take us through a kaleidoscopic, bluesy haze in new clip

Winter Moon’s sultry new single is a masterclass in bluesy, modern soul fusion.

Exuding soul and passion, their new single Shivers is capable of giving you just that thanks to Milly Moon’s powerful vocals. A song worthy of it’s title, Shivers is the second single from Winter Moon’s forthcoming debut album Make Real, Make Believe. 

Winter Moon

Winter Moon have built a strong following in Melbourne over the past few years with their confluence of blues and rock driven grooves, as well as powerful vocals and charisma.

Winter Moon have carved a place for themselves in the Melbourne scene over the past 5 years, crafting a unique blend of psych-rock and hard-hitting soul. With toes dipped in the past and eyes firmly set on the future, Winter Moon are certainly comfortable in mastering a sound they know all too well.

With a soulful, modern sound and a sultry groove, Shivers showcases the band’s musical prowess and unique presence. On stage and on wax, Winter Moon deliver a high energy performance defined by groove-driven modern compositions, heavy vintage tones and a whole lot of soul.

The entrancing clip for Shivers will leave you feeling like you’re walking through a kaleidoscopic opium den, yet with an overwhelming air of optimism. From the opening scene there is an onslaught of smokey patterns weaving in and out of frame like a waterfall in the morning light. The open piano chords find the drum beat in a groove and the song launches into a gallop.

Appearing like an apparition in the smog Milly Moon cuts through with velvety vocals that drip like honey on the soul.

Those are the shivers that I like’, Moon repeats. Indeed no truer words have ever been sung in a song, that also describes it so clearly. Moon achieves a power and passion in her voice that is effortless yet empowering. Furthermore, it is clear from their fan base that it is also a treat to behold live.

Check out the magnificent clip for Shivers below: