Berhana’s new clip is a seven minute, funk-soul masterpiece

Eclectic R&B chameleon Berhana has announced his debut full-length album, which is due for release later this year. Alongside a collection of sultry, electric, bass-heavy soundscapes, the energetic lead single Health Food is a sexy disco-tinged exploration of physicality.

The track beckons the listener to dance the night away, and is accompanied by an incredible seven minute video that sees Berhana in a movie studio running through a labyrinth of green screens, treadmills, and junk food props while chugging a green juice.

Berhana 1

With a debut album dropping later this year, Berhana is proving his mettle as a powerful funk-soul machine, and Health Food proves it.

With the swagger of Anderson Paak. and the style of Tom Misch, it’s no wonder Berhana is getting some serious attention right now. Berhana has been making waves since dropping his self-titled debut EP in 2016. The Atlanta-born musician’s smartly-written songs have garnered the attention of Janet Hubert and Donald Glover.

With the announcement of his debut album, Berhana is set to make a big splash in the ocean of funk and R&B fans. The forthcoming record is set to be a psychedelic collage of R&B tracks peppered with an electronic flourish.

His latest single Health Food is a soulful dance fantasia filled with fast-paced walls of sound and funktronic reflections of desire. It brings Berhana’s talent for diverse textures and knocking beats to the forefront, creating a perfect carpet for Berhana to stretch his relaxed, buttery vocals on.

Check out Health Food below:

The deep locked groove on Health Food highlights Berhana’s knack for subtle layering. Behind the thwacking drums and thick bass is plethora of plucking, popping layers, with a distorted, filtered guitar towards the end of the track that is a real treat for the ears.

The bass heavy groove is reminiscent of Vulfpeck and Miguel, sharing similar vocal power to the latter. Berhana’s chocolate voice is the touchstone on which the whole song leans. His laid-back, sex-induced lyrics draw disguised comparisons to love as a health food, which is remarkably insightful if I do say so myself.

Berhana’s debut album will be out later this year via EQT/ Caroline Australia.