Timechyld is weaving a disco crusade of epic funk proportions

Timechyld excavates the catacombs of the mind in his new single.

Jam packed with soul it’s a low, down dirty funk groove, with a disco hook that will be slapping through your mind for weeks.

TimechyldTimechyld is quickly solidifying himself as a dominant figure in the East Coast funk scene. His new single Catacombs is a funk, throwback, gem.

Melbourne funk master, Timechyld, recently wowed us with his debut single Love BankA loaded gun of low-down groove, Timechyld has blasted off with a disco comet of space goo. Now he has delivered another delicious potion of riff-driven rock, 70s funk and soul, and electro synth pop. This eclectic musical milkshake contains the sonic elements of PrinceJamiroquaiDavid BowieRick JamesBruno Mars, and James Brown.

In Catacombs, Timechyld has left the love-laden woes behind and delved deep into the philosophical. Searching through the catacombs of his mind, Timechyld tells the tale of a young man searching for purpose in a big world. Likened to the tunnelling maze that is the French catacombs, Timechyld expresses the need to escape the labyrinth of thoughts that we tend to blindly weave before us. It’s refreshing to see deft philosophical questioning in an otherwise, juicy disco escape, and Timechyld pulls it off with style and grace.

The fusion of a circular, indie guitar line, with hard hitting funk and the occasional pop tendency, builds a powerful concoction to boiling point before Timechyld screams, ‘I’m a catacomb survivor’. His signature stamp is printed firmly here too, as the whole song is dipped in a coating of sheepish innocence and playful fun.

Despite the obvious musical talent, Timechyld also packs some serious pipes. His falsettos are clear and powerful while his growls are punchy when they need to be. He possesses a clear talent for expression and his voice allows him to harness as much personality as possible.

Check out Catacombs below: