The worst guitar solos of all time

Roll up, roll up, feast your eyes (but maybe not your ears) on the worst guitar solos of all time. As we all know, it takes a lot to pull off a great guitar solo and of course, it’s not so hard to pull off a bad one.

But the solos on this list? Well, they make an art of bad. And therefore, they are pretty damn hard to execute. So let’s take a tour of these abominations. Nick Jonas Worst guitar solo

You won’t be able to unhear these misguided attempts at the tritest of rock cliches. Let’s take a tour of the worst guitar solos of all time.

On the list, we have Lil’ Wayne, who is a really, really great rapper. Let’s just leave it at that. Next on the list is Slash. I mean, we all know he’s a great player, so it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on here.

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit is along for the ride and with this one, confusion reigns. When Nick Jonas hits the stage, things are going shakily okay, but then he bums a note really bad. He seems to be the only one who’s actually trying.

Madonna‘s solo surely has to take the prize for the most alarming solo, while Kurt Cobain‘s is just plain funny. Ultimate shredder Eddie Van Halen must’ve actually rehearsed to play this bad. The unknown guy at end? Well, the whole band looks pretty confused actually.

Seriously, just make it stop.