PREMIERE: Finn Johansson’s new single is a beautiful, thought-provoking slow-burner

Self-described as “feelings music,” Finn Johansson creates songs that are earnest and natural, with meaningful lyrics and ambitious arrangements that echo with the rawest of emotion.

To commemorate the six month anniversary of the Christchurch terror attacks, the Aotearoa-based singer-songwriter wrote All Of The Time Not At All, a beautifully thought-provoking track that is simultaneously gentle and powerful.

Photo: Ezra Simons

Finn Johansson releases All Of The Time Not At All, a beautiful, slow-burning track written to commemorate the 6 month anniversary of the Christchurch terror attacks.

All Of The Time Not At All is an emotive and striking slow-burner, with sparse production that allows the lyrics to shine through.  Over its sprawling six-minute duration, the track meanders through a simmering blend of hazy vocals, grand piano, rolling percussion, and soft electric guitar tones, with many moments of silence throughout the song that emphasize the importance of the lyrics.

Johansson gently sings about his fluctuating emotions following the Christchurch terror attacks, audible emotion evident in his raspy, lilting falsetto.

“After the attacks happened, I found myself experiencing a duality: The overwhelming sorrow that came from seeing 51 people killed as they worshipped in Christchurch – and the seemingly inevitable slide back into my white daily life, with just an undercurrent of unease about the rise of violent white supremacy here, in America and in many other countries.

So I wrote All Of The Time/Not At All as a challenge to myself to keep having conversations about how to oppose racism, and how to keep showing love, making friends, learning and taking action. To keep pushing myself away from that paralysing duality.

My personal safety is never compromised by white supremacy, racism or the ongoing effects of colonisation. If you’re in a similar position, then this song is an invitation to continue to make a place in your life for these difficult thoughts, feelings, questions and conversations.”

The music video was shot on the streets of Christchurch by acclaimed filmmaker Martin Sagadin, who has previously filmed videos for the likes of Aldous Harding and Marlon Williams. Sagadin and Johansson walked around town shooting various places that they both deemed interesting. They also visited the Al Noor Mosque to pay their respects, sitting and talking with a member of the congregation for half an hour.

Martin later compiled the footage to create a moving image of ambient spaces that perfectly accompanies the gorgeous and emotional slow-burning track. Check out the video above.

All proceeds from the sales of this song will go to the Our People Our City fund set up by the Christchurch Foundation, to support victims’ families and the Muslim community.