Harry Parsons’ new single Complicate is relatable, infectious pop magic

There’s something about Harry Parsons’ music that takes you back to your first love. There’s a charming naivety that shines through his heartfelt lyricism and smooth vocals that’s relatable and all-round lovely.

The British-born New Zealander builds upon his personal brand of sweet lyrical pop with his latest single Complicate, an infectious and emotionally honest guitar-driven tune that’s guaranteed to stick with you.

Harry Parsons delivers undeniably infectious and emotionally honest lyrical pop on his new single Complicate.

Parsons reinforces his reputation as one to watch in the New Zealand pop scene with his new single Complicate, a track that highlights his knack for writing songs that resonate deeply with his growing audience.

Complicate is a cruisy pop ballad that captures the anxieties in teen and millennial hearts alike, with deft lyricism and effortless vocals hung across simple acoustic guitar tones and a light poppy beat. It’s an intoxicating genre-fusion that will grow on you endlessly.

“Complicate is about two people in a relationship who can’t admit they love each other, thus causing a tangled and intricate bond that could have been avoided had they just opened up to one another.”

Complicate is an earnest pop ballad that’s injected with fresh-faced energy. Parsons’ vocals are youthful and filled with anticipation and emotion, while his lyrics are relatable and undeniably addictive, showcasing his ability to transcend his personal experiences to create something relatable and infectious.

After listening to this track, it’s easy to see why Parsons has such a rapidly growing fanbase. One thing is for sure; this guy is one to watch, with proven potential to establish himself amongst the big names in the music industry.

Judging by the quality of everything he’s released so far, I think we can safely expect even bigger things to come from this budding star in the near future. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.