13cabs is our trusted travel partner to and from Happy Mag’s issue 17 launch

With a booking process so simple you can manage it even while stumbling out of our issue 17 launch next month. 

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced music industry, so we’ve enlisted 13cabs as our official partner for the launch of Happy Mag’s 17th issue.

We’ve already dished on the details of our issue launch at the Bank Hotel/Waywards on September 22, but if you’ve yet to organise your commute to and from, look no further. 

13cabs issue 17 sponsor

13cabs understands that every artist, music professional and fan has unique demands, from a prompt ride to the studio to a late-night gig or (as should be the case) a lift to and from the hottest magazine launch on the music calendar.

Even beyond its promise of effortless and enjoyable trips, 13cabs offers a user-friendly booking process so simple you’ll even be able to do it while stumbling out of The Bank late-next month.

Through the 13cabs mobile app or website, you can hail and track a driver with just a few clicks, and receive notifications about their specific whereabouts. 

13cabs issue 17 sponsor

Now, to the crux. After purchasing enough drinks to quench a small nation at the magazine launch, how much will you have to fork out to then get home?

13cabs offers clear and honest rates, with no surprise fees and the ability to pay with card, mobile, or if you’re feeling particularly analogue, cash. 

Connecting people is at the heart of 13cabs, which is why they’re involved in a slew of community initiatives including within the music scene.

western sydney issue 17

So, whether you’re heading our way for the launch of issue 17, or in need of a ride whenever inspiration strikes, it’s time to hail the best in the taxi biz, 13cabs. 

Download the 13cabs app here

Check out issue 17 here.

Check out the party here.