Interview: Dan Lynch “cuts to the chase of the essence of ‘Australia’”

We were enraptured by the storytelling of Dan Lynch’s new single Australia, and now, the singer stops by to elaborate on his important message. 

Dan Lynch offered a poignant take on the connection between humanity and homeland on latest single, Australia. Passionately exploring themes of reconciliation and cultural divides, the Sydney musician uses music as a medium for timely discussion. 

There’s a lively rhythm to the track that enhances its message of togetherness, and stands as a testament to an artist who is quintessentially and heartwarmingly Australian.


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Below, we caught up with Dan Lynch for an insightful chat about his single, Paul Kelly, and “cut[ting] to the chase of the essence of Australia.”   

HAPPY: What are you up to today?

DAN: I teach and manage at a small special needs family-oriented school, and we all enjoyed a good day today.

HAPPY: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods?

DAN: For the past 10 years I have lived in Sydney for my work and music. 

I’ve been fortunate to have lived all over Australia including 7 years in remote Indigenous communities in WA and NT managing community run schools. I have spent some time living in other capital cities and grew up in Brisbane. 


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HAPPY: Describe an average day? 

DAN: An average day for me involves me helping students, families, and staff – it’s a job I enjoy greatly. The rest of my time is spent with family and finding time to play and write songs.

HAPPY: What did you listen to growing up that fuelled your passion for music?

DAN: Growing up I enjoyed listening to a wide variety of music, however I was especially drawn to artists who could tell stories and portray meaning in their lyrics. Hence, I listened to artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly, etc. 


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HAPPY: Dan, your new single “Australia” beautifully captures the enduring connection between humanity and its homeland. What inspired you to delve into this theme at this particular moment in time?

DAN: There are all kinds of divisions and discord about various issues in Australian society right now and my song is a reminder of the importance of what we have in common and what we share. 

We are a people with many stories and from all walks of life and our connection to our homeland with its profound natural beauty is what binds us together as a people and should give us our purpose and add meaning to our lives. 

My inspiration was to write a song that puts things in perspective and cuts to the chase of the essence of Australia and what it means to be Australian. 

What should unite us and what surrounds us moment to moment is so much greater and profound than what divides us. I have been working on this theme for quite some time. 

HAPPY: Your music exudes a distinct Australian essence. Could you share some insights into how your personal experiences have influenced the creation of your unique sound?

DAN: I’ve been fortunate and privileged to know people from all walks of life from all over Australia and have enjoyed hearing their stories. 

This song reflects my own journey and learnings through Australia and is a celebration of our way of life.

HAPPY: The line “Listen, hear it calling” in your song has a profound sense of urgency. Can you elaborate on the message you’re conveying to your listeners through this lyric?

DAN: The line is a wake-up call to change perspectives and to listen and pay attention to the natural beauty that surrounds us and to respect and hear the stories of each other. 

We are a country of profound natural beauty and many diverse stories. It’s a call to see the big picture. 


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HAPPY: Your composition arrives at a crucial time with the impending referendum. How do you hope your song will contribute to the ongoing dialogue about Australia’s identity and unity?

DAN: I see my song as a song of unity and optimism calling people to appreciate what we all share moment to moment rather than focussing on what separates us. The song is an invitation to pause, listen and celebrate the stories of our people, and our connection to country.

HAPPY: Your experiences with The Martu People have clearly influenced your perspective. How did those six years in the Parnngurr Community shape your understanding of the deep connection between land and its inhabitants?


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DAN: Parnngurr was my home for 6 years and an amazing experience that impacted my outlook on life in many ways. I learnt from the Martu the importance of family, sharing, connection to country, spirituality, simplicity, enjoying life, and having fun.

HAPPY: As your music invites listeners to reflect on their connections to their roots and the natural world, what do you hope they take away from “Australia” after experiencing it?

DAN: I hope it does invite other Australians to remember what we all share and have in common over what can divide us and to connect more often with the natural beauty of our country, remember our roots, hear the stories of all people, and appreciate our way of life – freedom and peace.

That to me is what it means to be Australian.

“Australia” Radio Edit version is out officially from September 4th, checkout the preview link here.