Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes debuts the eclectic & brilliant Summer Moon EP ‘Casino Days’ with ‘Star Child’

Watch a sweet dose of eclectic brilliance in ‘Star Child’ a futuristic, synthy gem that has fallen straight from the stars

Nikolai Fraiture, the renowned bassist of The Strokes, is unleashing a brand-new album today, August 25th, with his band Summer Moon.

This EP, titled “Casino Days,” bears Fraiture’s production mastery and has been skillfully mixed by none other than Paul Hicks, who’s worked with musical giants like Elliot Smith, Coldplay, and even had his hand in Paul McCartney and George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” reissue.

Summer Moon isn’t just Fraiture though – it’s a powerhouse ensemble. Cami Grey from Uh Huh Her adds her distinct touch, while the multi-talented Noah Harmon and Jane’s Addiction’s rhythmic force Stephen Perkins complete the lineup.

And don’t even think about skipping the visuals. The music video for “Star Child” is a must-watch, combining sound and imagery in a way that resonates with true music aficionados.

So, gear up, plug in, and immerse yourself in the sonic journey of “Casino Days” by Summer Moon. It’s a musical escapade that’ll get your heart pounding and your senses tingling.