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Bathe your sound in otherworldly modulation with Vanisher by Puremagnetik

Billed as a “Granular Sound Transcendence Machine“, Vanisher isn’t your average plugin. In the same vein as other effects in Puremagnetik’s Spark series, it places an emphasis on creative sound design, tapping into the user’s adventurous side.

Technically, it’s a granular processor, which slices sound into micro-particles, allowing you to dive into spatial and time-based manipulation.Vanisher Puremagnetik

Vanisher is the latest super fun plugin in Puremagnetik’s Spark series. It allows you to rearrange tiny fragments of sound and create cosmic modulation.

In keeping with the customary Spark interface, you are presented with a single screen that’s easy to navigate, making it a piece of cake to dial in fascinating sounds instantly.

The controls include Ghost – which alters the size of the particles of buffered audio. Turned clockwise, the particles become larger and the modulation waves become longer and deeper. If you crank up the Spectrum control, the frequency bandwidth of altered sounds is increased, essentially making the effect more intense.

Transcend adjusts the amount of granular pitch modulation, offering up a variety of woozy sounds that are reminiscent of tape varispeed, while Vanish controls the left and right amplitude modulators, making it the key control for creating stereo effects.

For more details, head over to Puremagnetik.