The 6 excellent new records you should be spinning today

It’s Friday baby, and the hills are alive with the sounds of brand new records. As the year begins to wind up the world’s release schedule is well and truly in overdrive, so we’re here to help you distill only the finest new noise.

Here are the six new records we’re recommending today.

brightness album new records out october i oh you alex knight

Which new music are you listening to today? We’ve collected six brand new records well worthy of your attention – dive on in.

Brightness – Brightness

Alex Knight’s solo project Brightness is responsible for some of the most delicate and sublime music coming out of Australia at the moment. His sophomore self-titled LP is a follow-up to 2017’s Teething, another beautiful collection of songs that will bring on smiles, tears, and slow dances aplenty.

To launch the album Brightness will be playing in-stores in Sydney’s Red Eye Records and Newcastle’s Hiss & Crackle, Friday and Saturday respectively. You can also catch him performing at Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday on November 22nd.

The Growlers – Natural Affair

New records from California’s own The Growlers have been bountiful for the last few years, and we’re not complaining. Their latest builds upon their too-cool-for-school surf sound, etching a few new surprises into their growing canon.

More good news! Los Growlers will be returning to Australia in 2020, Natural Affair in tow. Get a load of the dates here.

Steve Hauschildt – Nonlin

Out today via Ghostly International, Steve Hauschildt’s Nonlin is a wonderful piece of electronic composition which sounds as if it’s rhythmically ricocheting off the stars themselves.

Though this is by no means an ambient album, we recently spoke to Hauschildt about ambient music’s place in the digital age. Put Nonlin on in the background and find out what he said here.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Colorado

After dropping a series of hints earlier in the year, filming a documentary, and finally making some concrete announcements, today Neil Young has released his first album in seven years with his longstanding band Crazy Horse.

As we’ve come to expect from their collaborative albums, you’ll be treated to moments of stirring quiet as well as screeching, all-consuming feedback. Listen to Colorado below.

Pseudo Mind Hive – Of Seers and Sirens

Melbourne locals Pseudo Mind Hive have dropped their new LP Of Seers and Sirens, a hard-hitting collection of stoner sludge, deafening celestial breakdowns, and riffs so meaty you could put them in a kebab.

For all lovers of the heavier end of psych, this is a record you can’t miss.

King Princess – Cheap Queen

The rise of King Princess has been meteoric; after a couple of chart-throb singles she found herself performing to five-figure audiences at Coachella and dropping into the studio with Mark Ronson, amongst many other accolades.

Cheap Queen, titled after her absolute banger of the same name, is a world-class collection of soft, queer-focused pop. Check it out for yourself below.