Mall Grab returns with new single ‘Understand’

Mall Grab, a.k.a Jordon Alexander, has announced his highly anticipated debut album, What I Breathe alongside the release of the lead single, Understand.

Get excited folks! Aussie born but London based house producer Mall Grab is back with new music. In preparation for his forthcoming album, What I Breathe, to be released on August 5, he’s given us the lead single, Understand. 

Understand, which features Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates, instantly tramples through and prepares us for what’s to come in August. Hypnotic beats, gleaming melodies and synths juxtaposed with curdling screaming are just the beginning.

mall grab understand

The musical chemistry between Mall Grab and Brendan Yates is palpable and unsurprising after Mall Grab collabed with Turnstile in 2020 on a remix album Share A View. Mall Grab took songs from Turnstile’s 2018 album Time & Space and completely re-imagined them.

Understand begins with hollow and percussive synths which evoke a heavy club night – think 1 or 2am. As we drift off in what we think is a rave track, it’s suddenly interrupted by Yates’ SCREAMING. It’s a shock until you actually get into it.

As we accustomed ourselves, Yates begins to croon and what was hollow synths becomes an ethereal wave. The music and voice merge effortlessly. The final words, “I can’t understand…” are beautifully poignant. As those final words are heard, suddenly the screams from earlier in the song take another meaning and intensity.

What makes the song so intense, manic and aggressive is exactly what makes the quiet and delicate moments that much more so. A masterful flair from a now seasoned producer and DJ. With Understand, it’s evident Mall Grab has plenty to say and sonics to merge.


Mall Grab spoke a little about how he’s growing and changing as an artist and what to expect on the new album: “On What I Breathe I wanted to create a body of work which not only had something for everyone who has been with me the past 6 years, but also those who aren’t yet aware of what I’m about or the music I make.” 

What I Breathe is set to be full of unbelievable collaborations. Along with Yates, the album also features Novelist, D Double E and Nia Archives.

Understand is a perfect first impression of the album and it is evident upon first listening that what’s being played and the sudden contrasts are certainly well thought out and intentional. We’re looking forward to hearing the rest!


Understand is out now.

What I Breathe will be released on August 5, pre-order here.