Marcus Kech forges biographic dancescapes on his new single ‘My Life’

Club-ready beats, neon bass, and a lifetime’s worth of introspection. Not the usual combination that you would expect from a house single but that’s Marcus Kech’s bread and butter: he goes for the unexpected.

Since the release of his debut EP YOU WILL BE OKAYthe 19-year-old Melbourne producer has been melting a much-needed heart back into electronica. His latest release My Life is defining proof. By spinning the best parts of disco, funk, and rock into brooding reflections, Kech has unknowingly created the perfect soundtrack to the chaos of our past year. His tracks burn with agony but boast grooves with the potential to ignite any venue. As an entity, My Life is the single collection that music needed.

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Photo: Tim Cook

Misery masked by energy. Sound familiar? On his latest single, Marcus Kech indirectly speaks to the moment, weaving heartbreak amongst gut-punching house beats.

From the track’s beginning, Kech makes it very clear that My Life isn’t a classic EDM collection. It is biographic in every way electronic music can be. This Pure Body begins incredibly sombre, a collage of ambient hums, rain dripping, and distant whispers. As the house flavour of My Life slowly creeps in from the distance, it’s as though we can see Marcus making his way from the damp outside into a club, or even more, tracing from his emotions into the present moment. The introduction feels disconnected, lonely, and isolated.

Enter the radio-ready My Life, a house masterpiece. Perfect layers of synth wash over each other, with the producer knowing exactly where to pull back in order to maintain the impression of his opening. It’s funky, fresh, but in the same way as an underexposed image; you know that something vibrant lays beneath but the final product has deeply mellowed.


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“To sum it up, this whole single is a ride through the perspective of a person and what they experience or endure,” the producer explains. “Life can be beautiful but overwhelming at times.”

With Overwhelmed, we return to the damp setting of the collection’s introduction. However, the scene feels more weathered now, less isolated and more exhausted. The overlaid beat from My Life creates discomfort. If Pure Body and My Life were to collide, it would be this track. Nothing operates in tandem and the rhythm is held together by a thread. Here’s where Kech is screaming, putting his message on display for everyone to see.

With over 75,000 streams from his debut alone and hype from EDM legend Martin Garrix to his name, it looks like there’s no stopping this mastermind.

Listen to My Life below: