Sydney Mardi Gras goes eco-friendly with new glitter and single-use plastics ban

When you think of Sydney’s Mardi Gras, no doubt glitter is one of the first images you conjure up.

While you’re prepping for the parade tonight, we’ve got some important info to keep in mind!

mardi grase 2019 glitter
Photo: Dream Syndicate

Sydney’s iconic Mardi Gras parade has issued a glitter and single-use plastics ban for the festival tonight, so make sure to get your fairy lights and fluorescent paints!

This year’s Mardi Gras may not be the sea of glitter one would usually expect, however tonight’s parade is still sure to be a spectacle of colour.

In an effort to make the celebration more eco-friendly, the organisers have announced they are phasing out single use plastics. This unfortunately includes glitter, but this may not be as devastating as you might think.

There are some glitters around that aren’t so bad for the environment, if you’re one of those prepared to hunt for their sparkle. Biodegradable glitters are able to be composted or dissolved completely in water, and while you may pay a premium, for the small quantity you’ll actually use it’s only the cost of tomorrow’s coffee. One easy option is jumping in a bath with a glittery Lush bath bomb, as all of their glitters are eco friendly!

If you’re heading to the parade tonight make sure to get there early to earn an optimal viewing space. Or you can do what I did last year and climb a tree. Just make sure you don’t have too many drinks and get stuck. End anecdote.