Your music festival glitter obsession is killing little fishies

This just in, glitter is the devil.

Scientists all around the world have called for a global ban on glitter, advocating against the damage it has apparently been causing to the environment.

glitter ban worldwide music festivals

Glitter, a favourite decoration amongst fashionistas, fried punters and festival goers, has been causing a massive amount of damage to the environment.

“I think all glitter should be banned, because it’s microplastic,” said environmental anthropologist Dr. Trisia Farrelly to The Independent. She’s one of many scientists calling for the substance to be banned.

Microplastics are any plastic less than 5mm in length, including but not limited to craft supplies, microbeads in beauty products, and larger plastics which eventually become broken down. Experts estimate there are currently upwards of 50 trillion microplastics floating around our oceans.

Their small size and often bright colour make microplastics an appealing food choice for small marine life.

Please don’t beat yourself up about it though. Dr. Farrelly was imperative that consumers shouldn’t be at fault. Rather the companies producing glitter and other microplastics should begin using eco-friendly materials.

“I’m sick and tired of consumers being help responsible for trying to avoid this stuff. I mean it’s literally impossible to. Producers need to be responsible. They need to use safer, non-toxic, durable alternatives.”

Via Independent.