What does Kevin Parker do on his time off? He plays DJ sets to save the environment

How does Kevin Parker use his free time when he’s back in his hometown of Perth? He DJs under his moniker Defs Worth It, of course.


Just a few days ago Kevin Parker played a DJ set under his moniker DJ Defs Worth It at a protest gig to save the Beelier Wetlands in Perth.

Parker’s latest performance as DJ Defs Worth It wasn’t an ordinary show though, it was as a part of a demonstration protesting the extension of a local highway in Perth.

The Live! In The Wetlands event protested against Roe 8, a planned highway extension which aims to reduce traffic in southern parts of the city. However, critics have slammed the plans as being potentially harmful to both the economy and the Beelier Wetlands.

Appearing on the lineup was Parker as DJ Def Worth It playing a handpicked selection of tunes, Koi Child (who recorded their killer debut with Parker) and Donna Simpson of the Waifs.

Check out footage of Parker slinging some epic soul below, plus an image of Mayor of Cockburn, Logan Howlett telling Parker to use less phaser in his mix.

Saving the Beeliar wetlands and feeling the community vibes. I ❤ Freo #kevinparker #defsworthit #savebeeliarwetlands #noroe8 #djdefsworthit

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