Science finally proves that taking psychedelics makes you more environmentally friendly

We all groan at the kid who takes LSD once and starts down the whole “I just felt so connected to everything, man!” pipeline. However, it’s one of the most common responses to taking psychedelics, and finally a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmocology is backing up the claim that yeah, trippers are more likely to be environmentally friendly.

The study outlined that people with psychedelic experience reported far more pro-environmental behaviours, such as recycling, composting, counting your carbon footprint. And yeah, the respondents also decreed that they felt more “connected to nature”.

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Image: Reddit

If you’ve taken psychedelics in your lifetime, you might have felt more connected to nature. A recent study has confirmed you’re far from alone in that feeling.

The study involved 1,487 participants, and was conducted in a joint effort by the Universities of Yale and Innsbruck, Austria. A relatively small sample size yes, but that is the Achilles heel of proper drug research; it can be touch to find people willing to admit they’ve tried illegal substances.

As the only people surveyed were those who had taken psychedelics previously, it’s also entirely possible that environmentally-friendly people are simply more likely to try these drugs.

Via I Fucking Love Science.