Mardou – Cut Me In Half

Tomorrow comes,

to bury you.

Your life is hard, but hers is worse

you know it’s true

you know it’s true

her light burns blue


Convulsionary noise pop from Cincinatti’s Mardou. For fans of early Wavves, huffing inhalants, Sonic Youth and banging your head against a wall repeatedly.

These lyrics sound pretty morbid, right? Surprisingly, Mardou sing in such a way that makes me shake my head in a convulsionary manner. This band makes fun songs, with lyrical depth and a punk-pop noisy style. Looks can also be deceiving, the fierce four-piece founded in 2012, made up by: Dylan McCartney, Charles D’Ardenne, Aaron Watkins and Eric Dietrich look a lot less scary than they happen to sound.

Mardou call Cincinnati, Ohio home and specialise in self proclaimed cardigan punk. The band have been compared to Joy Division and an updated New Order without much of a care – it strikes me that Mardou are indeed bass and drum, post-punk, and noise-rock, but with all angles pointing towards heavier music.

Their highly anticipated new recording, Cut Me in Half, is one of the first new pieces to be released in, what seems to their supporters, quite a while. The jaggedly monotone and upbeat tune was recorded at an Ice Cream Factory with help from John Hoffman (who also produced The Dopamines‘ latest single). These guys sound like fun friends to have.

There’s not a lot of information regarding Mardou on the world wide web, but their twitter does allow fans to find some insight on the band’s sub-conscious thoughts and feelings. One of my personal favourites was….

Just realized that “Is This It” by The Strokes came out in 2001 and it’s now 2014.’

Before Cut Me in Half came their EP, Cardigan where Dylan McCartney leads the band with repetitive yet charming lyrics. With apathetic vocals, this EP fooled everyone into believing that Mardou recorded their songs in the 90’s with chilled out and nostalgic vibes, distant cousins to Sonic Youth on many levels. Their latest is just as apathetic as their earlier stuff – Cut Me in Half ends with the following lyrics…

I’ve had enough

cut me in half

cut me in half and eat both parts, I’ve had enough.

But really, I haven’t had enough and I believe the fans of Mardou are also anxiously awaiting another track to bang their head against a wall to.



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