Marvel at the post punk beauty of Hideous Towns

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In this day and age where music is so widely accessible it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the variety, especially when this variety in turn leaves behind a sense of saturation. However if you thrive on finding your new favourite act for the week as I do, you will surely understand the importance of venturing through the endless sea of artists, all in search of that one sound which you’ve been longing for all this time or perhaps never knew existed. Well fortunately for me this week I found just that; Melbourne’s charming Hideous Towns.

Hideous Towns

Melbourne’s Hideous Towns are the perfect soundtrack to get you out of your mid week mundanity funk, armed with a great post punk and shoegaze sound.

Unravel yourself and fall into the lucid clutches of Hideous Towns, undoubtedly one of the most enticing new acts on offer. Hailing from the city streets of Melbourne, Hideous Towns consists of four members; Chris and Ryan whom are long time pals and musos, along with Ash the drummer boy and Alana who brings her divine pair of lungs to the group. Each member really brings something unique to the band and together demonstrate a seamless connection to their craft.

Over the past two years Hideous Towns have gradually been making a name for themselves around Melbourne’s expansive music scene, with the release of two singles Joy and Don’t Look Up, along with the noteworthy release of their debut self titled EP in October last year. Recorded at Birdland Studios and Los Bomberos with Melbourne act Complete Genius and VHS Dream’s mastermind Matthew Hosking, their debut EP is truly one to admire. On this EP the band have seamlessly executed a perfect marriage between Post Punk, Dream Pop, Indie and Shoegaze atmospheres. From start to finish Hideous Towns deliver vast and expansive array of soundscapes that project the mind outwards into bliss euphoria.

I can only brag about this band so much before I begin sound like a complete fan girl, however I honestly cant credit these guys enough on their efforts; simply brilliant. If you’re a fan of melancholy Post Punk, Dream Pop or Shoegaze, I would not for the life of me give these guys a miss. There is little to dislike about them, so if you’re looking for a fresh soundtrack to complement your typical mundane weekdays, look no further than Melbourne’s own endearing Hideous Towns.

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