Matt Woodman unveils introspective electro-pop debut “The World That We Live In”

Wrap your ears around Matt Woodman’s introspective, electro – pop gem of a debut album “The World That We Live In.”

Emerging from Manchester’s thriving music scene, 25-year-old singer-songwriter Matt Woodman has meticulously blended the British Alt-Rock essence reminiscent of Coldplay and Snow Patrol with indie pop flavours comparable to acts like The 1975.

Woodman has crafted an album brimming with electro-pop anthems, seamlessly interweaving intricate layers of emotion and atmosphere.

matt woodman

This musical fusion creates a celestial resonance that sweeps listeners into a dreamscape of sound while maintaining a foundation in grounded storytelling.

The journey commenced with his inaugural single, “Bruxism,” which debuted in the latter months of 2020. This poignant track served as a reflection on the challenges of navigating anxiety during the lockdown period.

Garnering praise for its well-produced pop quality and dynamic production, the track laid the foundation for Woodman’s ambitious debut album, aptly titled “The World That We Live In,” slated for release today on September 1st via digital platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

The album paves the way with “Welcome Call,” a synthy overture that envelopes listeners in a sonic embrace, setting the tone for the journey ahead. A tune so vast, and perfect, it belongs on a soundtrack to your fav epic block buster.

“The World That We Live In” takes a deep dive into themes of belonging and reflection, encapsulating the very essence of navigating the intricate emotions of life. This electro-pop introspection unveils the intricate interplay between personal experiences and the broader worldview. Drawing comparisons to the styles of Owl City, and The Night Game, it’s a sonic tapestry that resonates with modern sensibilities.

As the album unfolds, Woodman’s adeptness at seamlessly blending synth elements throughout adds a futuristic undertone that’s both captivating and immersive. A testament to his prowess, “Avoiding My Heart” stands as a shining example, situating itself in the modern pop canon alongside artists like The Weeknd.

“Trigger Happy” puts Woodman’s vocal prowess on full display, not limited to the pop domain, but rather reminiscent of the alt country nuances found in bands like Calexico, with a touch of alt rock thrown into the mix.

Concluding the album is an indie pop rock gem that truly stands out, with impeccable strings, and piano, it serves as a testament to the album’s entirety and the collective journey we’re all embarking upon. This track shines as a reminder that each of us is traversing our own unique path, ultimately leading us to the other side.

Woodman’s strength lies in his ability to connect with listeners on a relatable level. His compositions echo shared human experiences, forming a musical tapestry that celebrates both the collective journey and individual stories.

Delve into “The World That We Live In” below, and immerse yourself in Matt Woodman’s sonic universe. With each note, he captures the essence of existence, reminding us that we’re part of a greater whole while cherishing our unique place within it.