Mediocre hour is over: vocal rarity Isaac Thomas drops new clip

Melt to the crooning voice of Isaac Thomas, as he simultaneously struggles with and makes light of Crippling Depression.

With a richness and power rare for vocalists, Isaac Thomas shares qualities of Jeff Buckley in soul, clarity and raw passion.

After the release of his stunning debut EP The Art Of Procrastination, Isaac Thomas has just dropped a powerful new video for Crippling Depression.

Throughout the debut EP of Isaac Thomas there are some defining moments of musical talent. Mediocre hour is over. Thomas is a vocal rarity, achieving a powerful confluence of range and emotion in songs like Price Of Art and Stay Or Go. His knack for soulful expression is his defining drawcard and he has it in spades.

Isaac’s new video for Crippling Depression is the perfect remedy. Simultaneously making light of the dangers that lurk beneath the skin, yet dousing it in an air of uplifting lightheartedness. It’s rare and refreshing to see an artist take on such a heavy topic in such an exposed and honest regard, and the lyrics don’t shy away from reality.

Check out the clip below:

After honing his talents in Tennant Creek SA, Isaac Thomas starting making waves in Adelaide where he was given an opportunity to record at the Winanjjikari Music Centre. Thus, The Art Of Procrastination was born and it is an absolutely beautiful body of work. The perfect companion on a rainy day, and the signposts of a promising career.

Check it out below:

With the soul, passion and vocal quality of Jeff Buckley, and Chris Cornell, Isaac Thomas is a name you want to keep a close eye on. There is a wealth of potential is at this man’s fingertips.

Check out Thomas’ Crippling Depression tour below:

July 11 – The Hotel Metro, SA – event here
July 13 – The Wheatsheaf Hotel, SA – event here
July 18 – Crown & Anchor, SA – event here