Melkior drops 'A Letter To My Next' EP

Melkior drops ‘A Letter To My Next’ EP

Sydney-based R&B artist Melkior is back with an empowering new EP titled ‘A Letter To My Next’, which takes a journey through the highs and lows of past relationships.

Melkior’s sophomore EP ‘A Letter To My Next’ is his most riveting yet, with high-quality collaborations including one of Sydney’s renowned producers ‘ChunkyLuv’, as well as a beautiful mix of upcoming and established artists in the scene such as ‘RISSA’, ‘Mike Champion’ and ‘Blve’. 

Melkior’s work has never shied away from displaying his vulnerability, openly offering up insights into his navigation of sexuality, sensuality, and woes; fuelled with the mission to bring hope to those who are yearning for love, self-acceptance, growth, and diversity. 

Melkior a letter to my next
Credit: Melkior

‘A Letter To My Next’ takes these themes to great new heights with the intentional production of showcasing each piece in its own unique depth, not only individually but as an EP as a whole. 

The EP starts off with the moody beats and velvety vocals of Need You which dives into his sensuality, with themes of lust and pleasure. It sets the tone for the rest of the EP, still ringing true to his mission of vulnerability and embracing his raw and unfiltered emotions.

The second track Friends with Feelings brings in old-school R&B sounds, with pop-like beats and moody ambient synths. Lyrics that convey the struggles of unrequited love and the frustration that comes with finding your own closure.

Time to Time ramps up the sensual theme, not holding back from the unfiltered and raw feelings of connection. Melkior delivers a powerful vocal performance with falsettos and melodic tones that holds you in its grips.

The fourth track is Nxt bringing in that attitude, with vibrant beats and catchy choruses. With upcoming artist BVLE featuring on this track delivering his smooth raps, adding that extra texture that gives this track an edge compared to Melkior’s lush vocals.

Credit: Melkior

Glistenin picks up the pace with energetic beats and dazzling synths. With an infectious melody line that grabs your attention, it is a track that delivers the undeniable sensuality that Melkior is reliving. He recounts the feelings of attraction and lust in a chivalrous manner, painting a picture of beauty and awe.

Tonight takes the pace back down, with darker beats and drawn-out synths. With lyrics depicting the scene of an old flame whose spark never went out, with the lure of the familiar sensuality and connection.

The last track is In The Morning, which is a lush track with soft beats and smooth melodic textures, bringing in those old-school R&B elements that are reminiscent of the 2000s. Lyrics convey a tale of a past relationship, with the lustful highs of love and the woes of bargaining for them to come back.

‘A Letter To My Next’ is a piece of work that embodies the emotions of those whose souls who are destined to be together but are unfortunately conflicted in each other’s hearts. Melkior delivered a stellar EP, that will be an anthem for those who yearn to be close with another for eternity for years to come. He embraces his emotions of desire for a connection, with captivating storytelling throughout the EP. Melkior stated that this project has been in the pipeline for quite some time, with some of these songs written over a year ago, making sure each song was perfect in its own unique way. I, for one, am glad that the wait is now over and ‘A Letter To My Next’ is out for the world to enjoy.

Listen to ‘A Letter To My Next’ below: