Mercury White are grand in everything they do

Mercury White – Sophisticate

Mercury White are an energetic five piece that are guaranteed to blast your ears with grand guitars at a stadium. Based in Melbourne, the band consists of a classic drum, bass, guitars, vocals and keys, with a violin hitting the mix now and again.

mercury white

Anthemic powerhouse rock with grand vocals and crescendoing instrumentals make Melbourne’s Mercury White a cut above many up and coming artists.

These guys were formed around 2010. Since then they’ve been kicking butt and taking names, sharing the stage with other great bands such as British India, Art vs. Science, The Angels, Getaway Plan, Red Ink, Amy Meredith and Evermore. Not only that, they’ve decorated themselves with plenty of accolades, winning the Australian Emergenza Band Competition which landed them a gig at the Taurbertal Festival World Final just in August this year – in other words, they placed 4th out of the 32,000 bands across the globe! Sheesh!

Mercury White has some stellar influences to their sound – they reference great musical acts such as Bloc Party and Arcade Fire – a great mix of alternative indie rock with just the right amount of electro pop. On a first listen they remind me a bit of Dream Theatre with a lot of grandeur rock sounds. It’s powerful and builds momentum. Nonetheless these guys are polished musicians who have definitely created their own musical signature, chiseled within these genres.

They’ve just come out with an EP, which was recorded at Jungle Studios with Aria Nominated producer Lachlan Mitchell. If you don’t know this dude, look him up. He’s worked with the likes of The Jezabels and The Vines. Legit yeah?

Their lead single Déjà Vu C’est La Vie in their new three track EP is a great showcase of their unique sound. Crackly bass, grand melodic rises and descends. The track has a rocky progression but an interesting arrangement with lead male vocals and female harmonies. You can definitely hear the Arcade Fire influence yet has a distinct wall of sound – grand and ascending. The guitars are thick with distortion and reverb.

Shifting gears to their track Bullet For My Baby that starts off with an arpeggio of notes. And as the pre chorus hits we hear the slam of four on the floor drums and build up, setting up the chorus perfectly as overdrive guitars, synths and crashing cymbals crescendo. Sophisticate is another great rock ballad track, capturing the same Mercury White sound and showing of Cooper’s versatile falsetto.

They’re currently finishing off their east coast tour so go check them out!

Friday January 9th  – Ric’s Bar, Brisbane, QLD – Free entry

Friday January 16th  – Queens of Noise Festival – Musicman Megastore, Bendigo, VIC – Tickets available at door