Thom Lion strikes a perfect emotional balance on Mess At Best

Mess At Best is a wonderful seesaw of emotion from Thom Lion

Thom Lion is a bit of an oxymoron.

The introspective nature of his music is balanced out perfectly by his direct execution, resulting in something that is both personal and provocative. It’s a strange thing being able to see so clearly and deeply into somebody’s psyche, but Thom Lion has an ability to make you feel entirely comfortable in doing so.

Thom Lion

Adelaide singer/songwriter Thom Lion strikes a perfect balance between introspection and deliberation on his brand new video for Mess At Best.

Mess At Best is Lion’s latest release in a string of singles that have seen people’s ears prick up all over the country. It followed on from Fire Escape, another grand slice of piano-driven pop music. As a soloist, Lion has that kind of earnest reliability that makes him instantly likeable.

He’s not hiding behind anything: he does’t work under a pseudonym, his video clips revolve around himself as the central character, his voice is unhindered by mumbled diction or messy reverb. No, Lion is the kind of musician thats feels like he is making his art for his own sake first, and for the audience second.

This kind of personality is reflected in his new video for Mess At Best, which gives a theatrical insight into the inner-workings of Lion’s mind. The interplay between the initially dull colour palette and the brilliance of the sunset background wonderfully reflects the dual nature of the track: its despondency and its optimism.

Mess At Best is quite clearly a love song – or at least spurred on by love and its consequences; so the inclusion of a female provocateur seems only natural. The interaction between to the two obviously reflects the cathartic nature of the song, whipping between affection and turmoil.

The girl as the protagonist circles around Lion like a bird of prey before gliding in. Cut scene and she is perched on the window, the next she is throwing paint. All the while Lion stands motionless in the centre of the room or crouched against the wall – lost in his own thoughts.

It’s an excellent accompaniment to a great song; somehow uplifting despite the wounded nature of both the track and video. Thom Lion has a penchant for the introspective, but he’s also a talented songwriter and performer.

If you want to catch him live, he’s at the tail end of a tour alongside his band The Tamers. You can catch him on the following dates:

July 8, The Wesley Anne, Melbourne VIC

July 30,  Jive,  Adelaide SA