PREMIERE: Colin Jones & The Delta Revue throw us straight into a Clarksdale dive bar with full throttle blues track Mama Don’t Weep

So whisky, and cigarettes are considered bad now, right?

Well, I don’t think anyone told Colin Jones, because by hell you can hear them literally scratching, and dripping their way out of his mouth, through this record, and into your ears.

colin jonesColin Jones & The Delta Revue howl, blow, and screech their way into uncharted blues territory on new track, Mama Don’t Weep

Mama Don’t Weep comes on strong with thundering floor toms, and wailing harmonicas, before settling into a familiar yet exhilarating verse groove, letting Jones’ vocals deliver its message with all the grit, and growl of Wolverine chewing through a barrel of gravel.

Then, oh my lord, there’s a hammond organ, and a horn section and more harmonica, and guitars, and drums, and more drums, and vocals from all sides, and then Jones’ voice rises up, calling, preaching, imploring all of us listeners to a grinding climax.

I mean just how the hell does the noise between 2 minutes 40 and 2 minutes 48 even happen? As someone that has played in blues bands for half a decade this makes me sick. Just awesome playing, engineering, and production all coming together. Pure brilliance.

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Somehow this Sydney bluesman, and his band have lifted the once smoke filled back room of a Chicago, nah not Chicago, Clarksdale dive bar and burnt it hard into this track. Colin Jones’ voice ranges from a raspy whisper to full throttle growl in true Delta Bluesmen tradition. Yeah OK, I did lift this straight from their Facebook page, but it’s true, and I could not have said it better myself.

Colin Jones & The Delta Revue had, what some may say a pretty good 2015. He released his first recording, recorded in the States no less, played some shows, and basically set the foundations for what is looking like a truly stellar 2016.

Colin has graced the stages of venues such as The Basement, and Venue 505, as well as appearing at Little Features, and Porch Light Sessions. I would imagine that even bigger stages, and even more phenomenal appearances are on the horizon. Bluesfest 2017 I would say must be a given. Right, RIGHT?

If you have any children, or pets that you’re not too fond of, then I would strongly advise you sell them to buy the ticket to go to the release party of this track on July 7th at The Slyfox in Sydney. Oh wait, it’s a free show, well no matter, sell them anyway, and then give the money to Colin Jones, and tell him to keep doing what he’s doing. Because the world needs more music like this.