Take a lesson in punk rock and its derivatives from Hideous Sun Demon

Hideous Sun Demon are one of the most formidable new bands going around at the moment. Their name practically says it all: vicious, somewhat grotesque and totally fucking cool.

Their new single Oscillate is a brutal lashing of deadpan punk rock with all the blown-out bass, megaphone vocals and searing guitars you could ever want (a mix job from King Gizzard mastermind Stu McKenzie might have something to do with that).

We’re always keen to gain a bit of insight on where band’s derive a bit of influence from, so we asked Hideous Sun Demon to tell us about their 5 favourite punk-inspired records. These guys know their shit.

Hideous Sun Demon

Post-punk, proto-punk, cowpunk – Hideous Sum Demon know their stuff. Here are some of their favourite punk-inspired albums of all time.

Meat Puppets – II

Bar Johnny Cash, I normally can’t handle country vibes but these guys are great & so is this record. It’s punky, messy & slightly trippy all at once. I remember Vin telling me a story about them shooting themselves in the feet while taking acid which is fun. I think he was bummed when I bought a copy at the local record store that he had his eyes on. – Jake

The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers

I believe this was actually a compilation of demos recorded between ’72-’73 and put out by Warner in ’76. It’s now regarded to be a seminal proto punk album. Jonathan Richman was heavily influenced by both the Stooges and the Velvet Underground but conveys it in a profoundly naïve but powerful light. A lot of bands are in debt to these guys. – Vin

Gang of Four – Entertainment

Another incredibly influential 70’s record, this time on the other side of punk’s so called “year zero”. This stands with Wire‘s Chairs Missing, PIL‘s Metal Box and Joy Division‘s Closer as one of the key British post punk LPs, and has arguably stood the test of time better. Andy Gill’s angular guitar style and Jon King’s stark political lyrics were both revolutionary. – Vin

Hierophants – Parallax Error

More new wave than Ausmuteants, but still banging at the same time. This lot have totally done their homework, but manage to avoid sounding derivative to their influences. Geelong is a real hotbed it seems & they are one of many exciting East Coast acts at the moment. – Jake

Total control – Henge Beat

Another Melbourne ‘super group’ of experienced players & general baddasses. A record with everything really, guitar driven punk numbers, moody post punk, synthy kraftwerk-esque workouts. They should also be lauded for their casual approach to live shows, focusing instead more on writing/releasing bangers (their numerous side projects might have a bit to do with the rarity of their gigs too). – Jake

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