‘Loss Of Life’: A stunning reminder of why we love MGMT

We have been frothing the string of releases that MGMT have been doling out in the lead-up to Loss of Life

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – MGMT’s fifth album, “Loss Of Life,” has just dropped on Mom+Pop, and it’s an absolute gem!

Produced by the band themselves and the talented Patrick Wimberly (known for his work with Solange, Lil Yachty, and Joji), with mixing magic by the legendary Dave Fridmann, this album is like a warm musical hug.

mgmt loss of life 2024

If you’ve been riding the wave of excitement with us through the pre-release singles, you’re in for a treat. ‘Loss of Life’ feels like a joyous reunion with MGMT’s signature quirkiness, and it’s safe to say, this is their best since their debut.

The tracks are incredibly catchy and captivating, providing a mix of the familiar and the refreshing. MGMT has consistently showcased their talent for exploring family dynamics, doing so with a stunning and poignant introspection, and they continue this theme with exceptional beauty.

The rollout was a generous, perfect journey, with a series of diverse and visually stunning music videos, from the energetic “Dancing in Babylon” featuring Christine and the Queens – the chemistry between Andrew VanWyngarden and Chris is like a musical match made in heaven-  to the impactful ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Nothing To Declare‘ with Inga Petry.

MGMT went beyond simply releasing an album, they orchestrated a complete multimedia experience.

“Loss of Life” is not just an album; it’s a musical adventure that seamlessly weaves different influences into a tapestry of sound. It’s like MGMT took us on a road trip through their musical evolution, and we’re loving every twist and turn. The lyrics are introspective, the melodies are infectious – it’s the MGMT we fell in love with, and then some.

“Loss Of Life” isn’t just an album drop; it’s a stunning reminder – if you needed one – of why we adore MGMT. Cheers to MGMT for another round of musical perfection. Pure bliss.