WATCH: MGMT Delivers ‘Nothing to Declare’— A drop of 90s European independent cinema at its best

In a follow up from ‘Bubblegum Dog’ & ‘Mother Nature,’ MGMT have wasted no time in delivering the stunning new single ‘Nothing To Delcare’

Indie-electronic pioneers MGMT have dropped the stellar single, ‘Nothing To Declare,’ in a prelude to their highly anticipated album, ‘Loss Of Life,’ set to drop on February 23rd via Mom + Pop Music.

The duo, comprised of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, has been on a creative hiatus since their acclaimed 2018 release, ‘Little Dark Age,’ so it goes without saying that their slew of recent releases has been nothing short of a bonafide delight.

The freshly unveiled single comes hand in hand with a poignant official video directed by the skilled Joey Frank, renowned for his contributions to MGMT’s ‘Me & Michael.’

In the visual tale, Inga Petry, a philosophy and pre-law student from the University of Pittsburgh, steps into the spotlight. Inga, recognized for utilizing her burgeoning social media presence to champion the disabled community, gracefully guides us through the streets of Paris, concluding her journey at the iconic Venus de Milo sculpture in the Louvre. Joey Frank stumbled upon Inga via TikTok, where her candid sharing of life experiences has fostered a community of mutual learning and acceptance.

Discussing the video’s concept, Joey Frank draws parallels with the 1990s European independent cinema, emphasizing the human experience in navigating life. He accentuates the unique vulnerability in Inga’s life story, skillfully transforming the music video into a captivating emotional journey. And boy, does he nail it.

Reflecting on her role in the project, Inga Petry notes the synergy between Joey’s vision and the song’s juxtaposition of beauty and melancholy. The Venus de Milo, symbolizing adoration and mystery, becomes a fitting metaphor for Inga’s own life. In a personal revelation related to her Stage III Breast Cancer battle, Petry transforms the song’s meaning into a poignant commentary on facing life’s customs and challenges.

‘Loss Of Life,’ the impending album, promises a diverse sonic landscape with ten tracks produced by VanWyngarden and Goldwasser, alongside Patrick Wimberly. Dave Fridmann, a longtime collaborator, takes charge of mixing duties. Notably, the album features Christine and the Queens on the track ‘Dancing in Babylon,’ marking the first collaboration of this kind in MGMT’s discography.

The band has already treated fans to the grunge-infused ‘Bubblegum Dog’ video and the mesmerizing animated ‘Mother Nature’ video. The thematic exploration of ‘Loss Of Life’ will persist with additional videos crafted by a talented roster of writers, producers, and directors.

MGMT, always the jesters, express their pride in the album and the surprisingly painless creative process behind it. Their tongue-in-cheek musical disclaimer cheekily asserts they’re running at “around 20% adult contemporary and no more than this, please.”

As MGMT gears up to unleash ‘Loss Of Life,’ fans can indulge in the enigmatic allure of ‘Nothing To Declare’ and eagerly anticipate the melodic journey that lies ahead.